We are targeting extreme needs in six major areas:


  1. Educational Development
  2. Medical/Dental Assistance
  3. Economic and Social Development
  4. Housing Assistance


  1. Clean water Distribution
  2. Agriculture Assistance

LAGEHO has set new goals for 2017 and beyond to reach and touch the communities through:

  • Employment Services
  • Vocational Programs
  • Legal Services
  • Tax Services
  • Economic and Business Developments
  • Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Elderly Support
  • Homeless Assistance
  • Veterans Support

These services are offered to help the less-fortunate, and to maintain social stability in the communities. Therefore, LAGEHO welcomes all possible help and support it can receive to make these programs a success. Feel free to visit our Facebook at LAGEHO Community Development or our website at: www.lageho.org